News Updates:
College Prospectus for the session 2019-20 is available in the College Office.        RSD College proudly introduced from the session 2018-19 B.Sc.B.Ed. (Integrated) and B.A.B.Ed. (Integrated)
Class Student Name Placed In
BCA-III Shivam GargInfosys, TCS, Wipro
BCA-III Rahul Garg TCS
BCA-III Shivani TCS, Infosys
BCA-III ShivamWipro
BCA-III ShubamWipro, Infosys
BCA-III JaswinderWipro
BCA-III HiteshInfosys
BSc-III AnjaliInfosys
BSc-III KaranInfosys
BSc-III Akshita RattanInfosys, TCS
BSc-III RahulInfosys
Class Student Name Placed In
BCA-III Akash ThakurIBM (GPS)
BCA-III Baljeet Singh IBM (GPS)
BCA-III Payal Sethi IBM (GPS)
BCom.-III Rahul KochharIBM (GPS)
BCom.-III Satbir SinghIBM (GPS)
Class Student Name Placed In
BCA-III Gourav Aricent Group,Wipro(IT),Wipro Wase, Spice B.P.O., G.I. Groups, Mansa Tech
BCA-III Gautam Sachdeva Aricent Group, G.I. Groups, Mansa-Tech
BCA-III Sourabh Jaiswal Aricent Group,Wipro(IT), WIPRO WASE, Spice-B.P.O., Revolution-Next
BCA-III Seema IBM DAKSH,Wipro(IT),G.I. Groups, Mansa Tech
BCA-III Sandeep Singh G.I. Groups
BCA-III Love Aricent Group,IBM DAKSH, Mansa-Tech
BCA-III Deepika Aricent Group,Spice-BPO
BCA-III Prince Dhawan HCL B.P.O., Tech Mahindra, Eureka Forbes
BCA-III Sandeep Kaur IBM DAKSH, Tech Mahindra B.P.O., Spice-B.P.O.
BCA-III Sumit Spice-B.P.O., Tech Mahindra B.P.O.
BCA-III Akshdeep Singh IBM DAKSH, Tech Mahindra B.P.O.
BCA-III Snehlata Tech Mahindra B.P.O.
BCA-III Priyanka Gupta Spice-B.P.O., Tech Mahindra B.P.O.
BCA-III Namandeep Singh Spice-B.P.O., IBM DAKSH
BCA-III Sahil G.I. Groups
BCA-III Etti G.I. Groups, Mansa Tech
BCA-III Prabjot Spice-B.P.O.
BCA-III Banisha Spice-B.P.O., Tech Mahindra B.P.O.
BCA-III Rubina Spice-B.P.O.
BCA-III Neeraj Bala Spice-B.P.O.
BCA-III Ankita Spice-B.P.O.
BCA-III Vikas Sharma Tech Mahindra B.P.O.
BCA-III Lovish Tech Mahindra B.P.O.
BCA-III Rupinder Tech Mahindra B.P.O.
BCA-III Megha Spice-B.P.O.
BCA-III Akhil Tanwar G.I. Groups
BCA-III Poonam Jaiswal G.I. Groups
BCA-III Charanjeet Singh G.I.Groups, IBM DAKSH
BCA-III Ankit Tech Mahindra B.P.O.
BCA-III Kanika Tech Mahindra B.P.O.
BCA-III Manish Tech Mahindra B.P.O.
BCA-III Amrik Singh G.I. Groups
BCA-III Bhim Singh Thakur Tech Mahindra B.P.O., Eureka forbs
BCA-III Amandeep Singh G.I. Groups, Tech Mahindra B.P.O.
BCom-III Sandeep Dhaliwal IBM DAKSH
BCom-III Pankaj Arora IBM DAKSH
BCom-III Hitesh Mittal IBM DAKSH
BCom-III Priyanka Gupta IBM DAKSH
BCom-III Priyanka Dhawan IBM DAKSH
BCom-III Sona Bhandari IBM DAKSH
BCA-III Namandeep Singh Mohindra Satyam
BCA-III Seema WebCom
BCA-III Snehlata WebCom
BCom-III Sahil Sachdeva WebCom
BCom-III Priyanka WebCom
BCom-III Pankaj Arora WebCom
BCom-III Sonu Bhandari WebCom
Class Student Name Placed In
BCA-III Hanish Sharma Wipro(IT)
BCom-III Chaaru Malhotra Wipro(IT), IBM Daksh
BCA-III Simmi Bajaj IGate Patni Computers, Infosys, IBM Daksh
BCA-III Garima Sachdeva IGate Patni Computes, IBM Daksh
BCA-III Ankit Gupta IGate Patni Computers
BCA-III Rudraksh Sikri IBM Daksh, Spanco B.P.O., Comfort INN
BCA-III Gaurav Bhalla IBM Daksh
BCA-III Anita IBM Daksh
BCA-III Ritika IBM Daksh
BCA-III Jyoti Gupta IBM Daksh
BCA-III Priyanka Narula IBM Daksh
BCA-III Shivani Sethi IBM Daksh
BCA-III Meunikh Anand IBM Daksh
BCA-III Jasleen Kaur Infosys, IBM Daksh
BCA-III Nancy Saluja IBM Daksh
BCA-III Anuj Teji Spanco B.P.O., Just Dial
BCA-III Arun Sethi Spanco B.P.O., Comfort INN
BCA-III Gurpreet Sachdeva Spanco B.P.O., Comfort INN
BCA-III Amandeep Singh Spanco B.P.O.
BCA-III Parteek Spanco B.P.O., Just Dial
BCA-III Chahat Spanco B.P.O.