News Updates:
Registration opens for the session 2021-22        Dear Students, The College will continue imparting lectures in the online mode only till further orders. However, if any doubts are there, they can visit their respective teachers, only with prior consent of the concerned teacher and parental consent as well. RSD College proudly introduced from the session 2018-19 B.Sc.B.Ed. (Integrated) and B.A.B.Ed. (Integrated)


Class Student Name Placed In
BCA-III Anisha SharmaInfosys
BSc-III Anjali Sharma Deloitte
BSc-III Mansi Goyal Infosys
BSc-III Gurwinder SinghInfosys
BSc-III Kunal SharmaInfosys
BSc-III SamridhiInfosys
Class Student Name Placed In
BCA-III Shivam GargInfosys, TCS, Wipro
BCA-III Rahul Garg TCS
BCA-III Shivani TCS, Infosys
BCA-III ShivamWipro
BCA-III ShubamWipro, Infosys
BCA-III JaswinderWipro
BCA-III HiteshInfosys
BSc-III AnjaliInfosys
BSc-III KaranInfosys
BSc-III Akshita RattanInfosys, TCS
BSc-III RahulInfosys
Class Student Name Placed In
BCA-III Akash ThakurIBM (GPS)
BCA-III Baljeet Singh IBM (GPS)
BCA-III Payal Sethi IBM (GPS)
BCom.-III Rahul KochharIBM (GPS)
BCom.-III Satbir SinghIBM (GPS)
Class Student Name Placed In
BCA-III Gourav Aricent Group,Wipro(IT),Wipro Wase, Spice B.P.O., G.I. Groups, Mansa Tech
BCA-III Gautam Sachdeva Aricent Group, G.I. Groups, Mansa-Tech
BCA-III Sourabh Jaiswal Aricent Group,Wipro(IT), WIPRO WASE, Spice-B.P.O., Revolution-Next
BCA-III Seema IBM DAKSH,Wipro(IT),G.I. Groups, Mansa Tech
BCA-III Sandeep Singh G.I. Groups
BCA-III Love Aricent Group,IBM DAKSH, Mansa-Tech
BCA-III Deepika Aricent Group,Spice-BPO
BCA-III Prince Dhawan HCL B.P.O., Tech Mahindra, Eureka Forbes
BCA-III Sandeep Kaur IBM DAKSH, Tech Mahindra B.P.O., Spice-B.P.O.
BCA-III Sumit Spice-B.P.O., Tech Mahindra B.P.O.
BCA-III Akshdeep Singh IBM DAKSH, Tech Mahindra B.P.O.
BCA-III Snehlata Tech Mahindra B.P.O.
BCA-III Priyanka Gupta Spice-B.P.O., Tech Mahindra B.P.O.
BCA-III Namandeep Singh Spice-B.P.O., IBM DAKSH
BCA-III Sahil G.I. Groups
BCA-III Etti G.I. Groups, Mansa Tech
BCA-III Prabjot Spice-B.P.O.
BCA-III Banisha Spice-B.P.O., Tech Mahindra B.P.O.
BCA-III Rubina Spice-B.P.O.
BCA-III Neeraj Bala Spice-B.P.O.
BCA-III Ankita Spice-B.P.O.
BCA-III Vikas Sharma Tech Mahindra B.P.O.
BCA-III Lovish Tech Mahindra B.P.O.
BCA-III Rupinder Tech Mahindra B.P.O.
BCA-III Megha Spice-B.P.O.
BCA-III Akhil Tanwar G.I. Groups
BCA-III Poonam Jaiswal G.I. Groups
BCA-III Charanjeet Singh G.I.Groups, IBM DAKSH
BCA-III Ankit Tech Mahindra B.P.O.
BCA-III Kanika Tech Mahindra B.P.O.
BCA-III Manish Tech Mahindra B.P.O.
BCA-III Amrik Singh G.I. Groups
BCA-III Bhim Singh Thakur Tech Mahindra B.P.O., Eureka forbs
BCA-III Amandeep Singh G.I. Groups, Tech Mahindra B.P.O.
BCom-III Sandeep Dhaliwal IBM DAKSH
BCom-III Pankaj Arora IBM DAKSH
BCom-III Hitesh Mittal IBM DAKSH
BCom-III Priyanka Gupta IBM DAKSH
BCom-III Priyanka Dhawan IBM DAKSH
BCom-III Sona Bhandari IBM DAKSH
BCA-III Namandeep Singh Mohindra Satyam
BCA-III Seema WebCom
BCA-III Snehlata WebCom
BCom-III Sahil Sachdeva WebCom
BCom-III Priyanka WebCom
BCom-III Pankaj Arora WebCom
BCom-III Sonu Bhandari WebCom
Class Student Name Placed In
BCA-III Hanish Sharma Wipro(IT)
BCom-III Chaaru Malhotra Wipro(IT), IBM Daksh
BCA-III Simmi Bajaj IGate Patni Computers, Infosys, IBM Daksh
BCA-III Garima Sachdeva IGate Patni Computes, IBM Daksh
BCA-III Ankit Gupta IGate Patni Computers
BCA-III Rudraksh Sikri IBM Daksh, Spanco B.P.O., Comfort INN
BCA-III Gaurav Bhalla IBM Daksh
BCA-III Anita IBM Daksh
BCA-III Ritika IBM Daksh
BCA-III Jyoti Gupta IBM Daksh
BCA-III Priyanka Narula IBM Daksh
BCA-III Shivani Sethi IBM Daksh
BCA-III Meunikh Anand IBM Daksh
BCA-III Jasleen Kaur Infosys, IBM Daksh
BCA-III Nancy Saluja IBM Daksh
BCA-III Anuj Teji Spanco B.P.O., Just Dial
BCA-III Arun Sethi Spanco B.P.O., Comfort INN
BCA-III Gurpreet Sachdeva Spanco B.P.O., Comfort INN
BCA-III Amandeep Singh Spanco B.P.O.
BCA-III Parteek Spanco B.P.O., Just Dial
BCA-III Chahat Spanco B.P.O.