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Sexual Harassment Guidelines

Guidelines Regarding Sexual Harassment in College Campus

How is Sexual Harassment defined under these UGC Regulations?
Section 2(k) of the regulations defines Sexual harassment as, (i) An unwanted conduct with sexual undertones if it occurs or which is persistent and which demeans, humiliates or creates a hostile and intimidating environment or is calculated to induce submission by actual or threatened adverse consequences and includes any one or more or all of the following unwelcome acts or behaviours (whether directly or by implication), including:

  • physical contact and advances
  • a demand or request for sexual favours
  • making sexually coloured remarks
  • any other unwelcome act of a sexual nature whether by way of physical or spoken or unspoken conduct

What punishments/compensation measures are provided for under these UGC Regulations?

If the offender is an employee then he must be punished according to the service rules of the college. If the offender is a student then they are punished based on the severity of their crime as evaluated by the ICC, they can be punished in the following way:

  • Their privileges, such as library access, scholarship, ID Card can be revoked
  • They can be suspended for a specific period of time
  • They can be expelled permanently and
  • They can be instructed to take counselling or to undertake community service